• Malibu Media Platform Dashboard
  • Malibu Create Campaign Form
  • UI Spec: The Dynamic Grid
  • Sketch: Campaign Summary

Malibu Media Platform

Client: Spot Runner

As part of the Product team at Spot Runner, I work with several product managers, an information architect, and a bevy of engineers. My role is to establish visual design specifications for the version 1.0 interface and beyond for the Malibu Media Platform; a web application that takes a unique approach to buying and selling television advertising via the web.

Beyond the UI specifications, it is also my job to create forward-thinking design concepts for prototypes that outlined the platform's future functionality. Creating assets for major television media clients, interpreting feedback, and understanding the television media buying landscape are all key components of my job at Spot Runner.

  • Mercedes-Benz of Encino Homepage
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory
  • Detailed Vehicle Listing
  • Vehicle Image Gallery

Mercedes-Benz of Encino

Client: Brandtailers

Working as the lead designer and project manager for Mercedes-Benz of Encino's new showroom on the web, myself and a back-end developer executed a brand-new user experience for the dealership's site. This design was supported by Brandtailers' long list of in-depth statistics, based on consumer opinions culled from their client's customer base. These statistics, combined with the modern web standards and information technologies (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX) helped propel mbencino.com to the forefront of the industry when it comes to auto dealership web design.

The result of the new design proved extremely successful. Mercedes-Benz of Encino became one of the Top 10 Mercedes-Benz Dealerships by Volume in the United States post-launch. Their staff is able to effectively handle leads delivered by the website, which were customized to interface directly with the dealership's CRM tools. Topping it off, web analytics had improved significantly across the board: visitors were up, visitors via organic search results were way up, bounce rates were down and more time was being spent on the site.

  • Wireless Interactive Homepage
  • Product Page Design
  • Halo Mini Product Photograph
  • Halo Mini Email Blast
  • Product Icon Design
  • Pegasus Product Line Logo

Wireless Interactive

Client: Wireless Interactive

The Wireless Interactive team needed not only a web designer, but an all around marketing and image designer. The design started on the web to allow potential customers to view and learn about product online. Once a temporary site design was in place and the sales team had the materials to back them up, I took a step back and with the help of an additional designer, established the company’s image. This work encompassed the new (and current) web site, email campaigns, trade show materials, identity materials, magazine ads and even product brand design and photography.

The web site is built on a LAMP system, with layout elements being provided via PHP includes, basic product feeds coming from a MySQL database, as well as some light Flash and Javascript elements.

I started with Wireless Interactive in the CEO's garage. We changed offices three times in my four years at the company; each time to a bigger space to accommodate for higher sales volumes. I'm proud to have contributed to their success.

SWELL Surf Blog Concept

Concept: SWELL Surf Blog

Client: SWELL

SWELL is a leading online retailer of surf apparel and accessories that targets a youthful demographic. They contracted me to develop a concept for redesigning their existing surf-focused product blog.

Working from some light wireframes, I put together a concept that aims to captivate their target audience, increase relevance and establish informational hierarchy.

Brandtailers.com Home Page Concept

Concept: The Brandtailers.com Refresh

Client: Brandtailers

While working at Brandtailers, a small auto-dealer focused advertising agency in Irvine, one of the projects that was perpetually on my back-burner was the redesign of their old, copy-heavy website. To say its been getting a bit stale would be an understatement, but this sort of disrepair is typical, even with larger agencies.

Though my time there was short, and I was only able to take the design to conceptual stages, Brandtailers new look caused much excitement internally. Bringing attention the work and the success of the agency, a goal that was missed on the previous design, was a major focus for this redesign.

Chris Camargo Photo Home Page

Chris Camargo Photo

Client: Myself

One of my true passions in life is photography (as if you couldn't tell). My eye is like a motion picture camera. It just keeps taking photos on its own. I figure if I stuck a real camera in front of my eye and took REAL photos, it would be a lot more rewarding. :)

This website was built as a simple, but clean photography portfolio site. Not built or derived from any template, this site was my first conscious attempt at branding myself. I feel that it worked nicely while it was in place.

The code is all extremely clean utilizing basic HTML dressed up with CSS, so re-working bits of the site was just a breeze. Flickr hosts my images, and with a bit of Lightbox JavaScript action, it becomes almost like a personal content distribution network.